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News: Right! This is the result of the major overhaul. The PDF system is completely rewritten for what I swear is the last time. At least now it should be far more Unicode-friendly, and look better, besides. Feedback and error reports are always appreciated!

Hello, comp.lang.c freaks! Please keep in mind this is an alpha-quality document. If you have corrections, I'd love to hear them, but understand that even I might not have read that part of the guide yet. There are glaring errors! Additionally, I might not know what I'm talking about when it comes to something! So e-mail me!

Beej's Guide to C Programming

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What's Here for Readers:



PostScript, gzipped:

What's Here for Writers:

The build system requires Python 2.4+, Gnu make, Xerces-J (for DTD verification—can be disabled), and Apache FOP (or the equivalent) if you want print output.

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