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News: Hey, hey, hey! Check it out! I finally converted this old guide to the new system so you have print copies and everything! Woo hoo! And I managed to finish it just two days shy of a decade after the original release!

Beej's Guide to Unix Interprocess Communication

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About ten years ago, I wrote a small guide to Unix Interprocess Communication (IPC). It sat neglected for a long time since. But now, for your reading pleasure, I've ported it to the new document processing system so it's fresh and new!

As long as you know some C or C++, this guide should springboard you into the realm of Unix IPC with hopefully as little hassle as humanly possible!

What's Here for Readers:



PostScript, gzipped:

What's Here for Writers:

The build system requires Python 2.4+, Gnu make, Xerces-J (for DTD verification—can be disabled), and Apache FOP (or the equivalent) if you want print output.

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